Allen Rainey, Founder
Allen is a pioneer in solar-powered missions, having designed and installed over 190 solar projects in some of the most remote places on earth.  Before Going Green became today's mantra, Allen developed a self-taught mastery of solar technology from a variety of courses and fieldwork.  He has an M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University.

Allen was named a 2017 Finalist for the Jefferson Award, the Noble Prize of public service.  This video was showcased during the presentation ceremony:

Kevin Sasson, Executive Director
Inspired by a SonLight Power mission trip to Central America, Kevin left a successful Silicon Valley career to move to Honduras and launch a comprehensive outreach effort for SonLight Power in Latin America.  He was named executive director in 2011.  A former Rhodes Scholar nominee, Kevin is a graduate of Ohio University where he also served as a governor-appointed student trustee.  Kevin is a featured speaker on Leadercast.

Clay Luna, Director of Programs

Clay is a NABCEP-certified solar PV installer and instructor.  He has led several large solar PV installations for SonLight Power and serves as an instructor in SonLight Power Solar School.  His leadership on a 2017 grid-tied mission project in Appalachia was featured on a WKYT (Lexington, KY) newscast.
Jill Council, Mission Coordinator
Jill supports multiple areas of the SonLight Power mission, including mission team mobilization, logistical / supply chain management, donor relations and event planning. A graduate of Miami University, Jill is a leader of women's ministry activities at her church and in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Gary Antonius, CPA
In addition to his finance duties, Gary has led several SonLight Power mission teams from his church in Oxford, Ohio.
François Vibert, Solar Engineer & Independent Contractor (Haiti)
François Vibert (pronounced Fran-SWAH Vee-BAIR) is a Fulbright Scholar from Haiti and graduate of the University of Dayton master's program in renewable and clean energy.  François has served with SonLight Power in a variety of roles.  His personal journey is a powerful story that has been featured by the University of Dayton and SonLight Power:
Sara Reyes, Honduras Programs Coordinator
Sara and her team at Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) church in Tegucigalpa provide essential in-country support for SonLight Power programs in Honduras.  For context on Sara's role in Honduras, see SonLight Power: Our Mission in Honduras.
Jacob Lucia, Engineering Consultant
Since joining SonLight Power in 2014, Jacob has provided engineering and installation support for several SonLight Power projects while serving as an instructor in SonLight Power Solar School.

Terri MacGregor, Engineering Consultant
Terri is a NABCEP-certified solar PV installer.  She has served several years as a solar missionary - designing, installing and training others on solar power systems on behalf of SonLight Power.

John Foster, Engineering Consultant
John is a licensed professional engineer, NABCEP-certified installer and an IREC certified instructor.  He has worked full-time with solar energy systems since 2005 and provided engineering support for SonLight Power since 2010.  His expertise ranges from design, installation and activation of systems ranging up to 5 Megawatt solar farms.

Board of Trustees

Board Officers:

Tim Donovan, President
Founder & Partner of Donovan Energy, Tim has dedicated his entire career to energy management and optimization. His expertise spans financial modeling, investment strategy, budget development, planning and corporate structure.

Mark Fisher, Vice President
Mark is the Vice President of Facilities, Planning and Sustainability at the Cincinnati Zoo. He joined the Zoo in 2006 after an 11-year career at Turner Construction and has become the driving force behind the Zoo’s commitment to sustainability. Mark oversees the Zoo’s aggressive green building program and has initiated programs that have led to dramatic reductions in natural resource consumption and dramatic increases in recycling.

Jim Cochran, Treasurer
Jim is the Interim Executive Pastor and former Director of OneLife Ministries at Vineyard Cincinnati Church.  Jim and his wife, Dana, have led mission trips to Haiti and their son, Mike, has served on several SonLight Power mission teams.  At the 0:53 mark in the following video, Jim explains how the complementary missions of SonLight Power and OneLife intersect in Haiti:

Colin Jeffries, Secretary
Colin is Director of Marketing & Communications at BrightView in Cincinnati.  Colin has served on mission trips to Haiti, including his first SonLight Power mission trip in 2019.  His passion for marketing combines Colin's love for creativity with his skills in analysis.  Since 2014, Colin has performed in the theatrical cast of Awaited, one of Cincinnati's favorite family Christmas traditions.

Board Leaders:

Angela Bradley
Angela is Director of Human Resources & Employee Owner at Melink Corporation, a global provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for commercial buildings.  At Melink, Angela stewards one of the most vibrant corporate cultures in the region, regarded as one of the best places to work.  Angela is excited to participate in her first SonLight Power mission trip in 2021.

Karl Bruggen
Karl served on his first SonLight Power mission trip to Haiti in 2017 and has supported the mission ever since.  Karl is an experienced business development manager at Amcor, a global leader in packaging solutions.  He is also an active volunteer leader at his church.

Craig Davis
Craig is President & Employee Owner of Melink Corporation.  Craig is an accomplished leader and project manager, with 20+ years experience in business development, strategic planning and change management.  Craig has walked the talk by mobilizing a team of Melink employees to serve on a SonLight Power mission trip in 2021.

Tina McKinley
Tina loves Jesus.  She is a gifted leader of missions and women's ministry in the Greater Cincinnati area and has co-authored a spiritual development kit for SonLight Power mission team leaders.  Tina and her husband, Doug, enjoy life's adventures together, having lived and worked in various locations around the world.

Advisory Board

Gary Booth, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research and Development, Europe (retired) at Procter & Gamble

Stephen K. Melink, PE
Founder & CEO at Melink Corporation

Rob Stease
Owner of Honeymoon Paper Products, Inc.