You don’t have to be an electrical engineer.

You don’t have to know DC from AC or an inverter from a charge controller.

All you need is your heart and soul and a little bit of time.  We’ll train you on the basics and help you join a mission team or organize one of your own.

It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Volunteers need only to be reasonably healthy, able to walk up to two miles in comfortable shoes and carry no more than 20 pounds. Our trips typically last a week to 10 days.

We encourage churches and volunteer organizations to consider adding SonLight Power’s unique skill set to your ongoing mission activities.  We’re here to help.

Getting Started

To join a future SonLight Power trip, submit the SonLight Power Mission Team Application.  E-mail your completed form to

For information about upcoming trips, visit the Mission Calendar.

Wondering which trip is right for you?  Call our offices at 513-285-9960 Ext. 1 or email us at

Costs & Fundraising

The two most common SonLight Power mission destinations are Haiti and Honduras.

Mission trip costs are $2,500 per traveler unless otherwise noted.

Mission fees are collected in advance of mission trips and include airfare, in-country accommodation, meals and travel.

Start fundraising today toward mission travel expenses.  Create your personal SonLight Power fundraising page by clicking here and completing the online form.  Contributions to individual fundraising pages on the SonLight Power website are tax deductable.

If this is your first time raising funds, you may be surprised how quickly you can reach your goal with prayer, planning, storytelling and persistence.  We'll equip you with the tools you need to succeed along the way.

Let Your Light Shine

Our mission volunteers not only see the world.  They make it a brighter place through fellowship.  And by blessing others in the name of Jesus, our mission teams find themselves blessed beyond expectation.

For a visual context, check out this SonLight Power mission video filmed in Haiti - yes, we do have this much fun:

Some things never change.  This classic SonLight Power 3-minute mission trip video was filmed in Honduras in 2011 - the address at the end has changed, but the mission hasn't: