Our approach starts with collaboration. Projects are uniquely designed so the people we serve are dependent not on us – but on each other.

A project might be initiated from SonLight Power or it might come from a U.S.-based partner such as a church, fraternal organization or foundation.  It might also originate from one of our partners outside the U.S. – in a country where there is an identified need and local support.

Typically, our partners identify projects and raise the funds necessary to complete each mission.  SonLight Power designs the project, obtains the solar energy equipment through our vendors, ensures that it arrives on the job and provides training to those who participate on the mission trip.

On site, SonLight Power organizes and supervises the installation of the solar equipment, trains local residents how to maintain the equipment and presents the spiritual face of the project.

If you have a project in mind that you’d like to discuss with SonLight Power, or to find out about mission teams that are forming now, please give us a call at 513-285-9960 Ext. 1 or e-mail Info@SonLightPower.org

Check out our collaborative impact in Mexico from this 2012 video: