Our outreach is uniquely designed so the people we serve are dependent not on us, but on God and each other.  We are committed to equipping vulnerable people with sustainable energy solutions, knowledge and skills they need to gain independence from the debilitating effects of energy poverty.

At the heart of our solution is clean solar energy.  Using a blend of in-country and U.S. based volunteers, SonLight Power mission teams connect schools, medical clinics, water pumping stations, community centers, orphanages and churches with a supply of electricity that will last for generations.  We involve the communities themselves, using our projects to train residents and partner organizations how to install solar power systems and how to care for them over time.

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The gift of light is transformative.  We engage with our new friends and partners by holding celebrations where whole communities come together in a spirit of fellowship, thanking God for the hope and opportunity that electricity brings.

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When you look at the images and videos on this website, do you wish you were a part of them?

Well, you can be - either by financially supporting a project or participating on a mission trip. Or both.

Come and let your light shine with the world through SonLight Power.

See what it means to get involved with SonLight Power from the perspective of a former SonLight Power intern and mission trip volunteer:

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