Start fundraising today toward specific projects or mission travel expenses.

If this is your first time raising funds, you may be surprised how quickly you can reach your goal with prayer, planning, storytelling and persistence. We'll equip you with the tools you need to succeed along the way.

First, create your personal SonLight Power fundraising page by completing the online form below.

When completing the form, take a moment to craft a short story from the heart that will connect with those you plan to approach. Provide specifics on why you are raising funds, who will be impacted and how the funds raised will impact real lives in sustainable ways.

If you are raising funds for mission travel, you'll want to include the specific reasons or motivation behind your personal decision to travel with SonLight Power. Share info about where you are going, what you will be doing and what you hope to accomplish.

You can upload your own photo or connect with us if you would like to use an image from our photo archive.

When you've completed your personal fundraising page, double-check to ensure it looks the way you want. When ready, you can share the link to the page via e-mail, social media or whichever method is most effective for you.

When sharing the link with your family and friends, make sure to include a brief intro to provide context about SonLight Power and why you're excited to raise funds for your specific purpose.

Use the SonLight Power website and social media content to help tell your story. Our library of mission videos on the SonLight Power YouTube channel can be especially effective. Our videos provide a helpful context into who we are and what our mission looks like.

After sharing your fundraising page, track incoming gifts often. Keep your contacts updated with your progress.

The importance of gratitude in the fundraising process cannot be overstated. Make time to personally thank those who contribute to your page. As a best practice, you will want to mail a thank you card or place a phone call within 24 hours of receiving a donation.

We're here to help. Let us know if you need further direction to get started.

Thank you for taking this bold step to shine your light with SonLight Power!

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