June 9, 2022 / SonLight Spotlight on Sady Ramos


“People open their hearts to us without fear but with trust. I have learned so much from that. I have learned to trust myself and how to have faith because you have to have a lot of faith to get to those places.”

—Sady Ramos, SonLight Power volunteer technician from Honduras, reflecting on the impact the mission has made in his life and in the lives of those served in remote communities.

If you’ve served on a SonLight Power trip to Honduras in the past 14 years, chances are, you served alongside Sady Ramos.

This year alone, SonLight Power is scheduled to make four more trips to Honduras, equipping nine schools and a large mission base with critical solar power. Sady will play a key role on each project.

He is one of the first faces to greet SonLight Power teams as they arrive in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital and Sady’s hometown.

Those of you who have served with Sady know him for his dedication to fitness. His acts of strength in the mission field have reached legendary status. Did Sady really become a human solar panel by balancing his entire body flat atop a 20-foot-tall steel pole, Superman style? Yes, he did.

Sady 4

Sady is also known for his listen-first mentality. And when he speaks, people listen.

In preparation for the busy mission season ahead, we sat down with Sady to ask questions our visiting teams from the U.S. would likely have. We learned how serving with SonLight Power has not only impacted those Sady has served, but how the mission has changed his life too.

“I have learned how to give and receive love. We here in the capital and in big cities, we have it all. My work with SonLight Power has transformed my life and allowed me to humble myself.”

—Sady Ramos

How would you describe your role with SonLight Power?

I am an electrician, so I work with everything that has to do with the electric wiring. I do all the internal wiring in every building. I am involved with installing the control panels and the solar panels, so I am involved with most everything that has to do with the installation. Sometimes I participate in the children’s ministry fiestas with the children.

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How did you get involved with SonLight Power? What attracts you to the mission?

Through my business I do all kinds of electric work. Meilyn and Mauricio Moncada of Tegucigalpa invited me to participate on my first trip. At church, they asked, “Is there an electrician here?” and I raised my hand and said, “Yes, I am.” And that’s how I was recruited to be a part of the mission.

I must admit, it was a very difficult experience for me at first. The evening of the first day of the trip, one of the U.S. volunteers thanked us for being a part of the mission. During our devotional time, he said, “Our intent is come without expecting to receive anything in return for the work we do and investment we make.” I thought, “I did all that work today, and nobody is going to pay me anything?”

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But God is so good, that same night after the devotional I understood that I had to serve. Everything changed for me that night. The next morning, I was the very first person ready to go.

On the way back I told my family of my wonderful experience I had with SonLight Power. I could feel the love of the people in those communities that we visited. The people we served were full of gratitude. Everything I experienced changed the mindset I had before this mission.

How has serving with SonLight Power impacted or changed your life?

Every mission with SonLight Power has been quite different. The people, the communities, the schools…I’ve learned through every experience.

Because I am from the city, everything is different. The people in the rural areas don’t always understand what we are doing while we’re there, but even without their understanding, good things happen.

People open their hearts to us without fear but with trust. I have learned so much from that. I have learned to trust myself and how to have faith because you have to have a lot of faith to get to those places.

I have learned how to give and receive love. We here in the capital and in big cities, we have it all. My work with SonLight Power has transformed my life and allowed me to humble myself. Humility is one of those qualities every single person should have.

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Describe the kinds of communities in which you have served with SonLight Power. What are the kinds of challenges people face in those communities?

Every community we visit is a challenge in the material or the spiritual aspect. Not many of the roads are accessible. That is a huge need. Many communities we visit, people lack food, education, access to water and access to health. The health centers and clinics are extremely basic. There is no electricity there. There is malnutrition and lack of sexual education. It is very painful to see children having children.

When we talk about the spiritual aspect, many people in these communities don’t know about God. They don’t know Jesus exists. This is an important part of SonLight Power’s mission. To share scripture with these people. To teach them how to pray and let them know there is a God who loves them very much. The need of God is great in these communities.

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How have you witnessed SonLight Power change lives in Honduras?

These communities hear about God through the children’s ministry fiestas and the activities we do with the children. We have all these parents and community members listening to the words spoken with these kids. They think, “We didn’t know about this. How do we learn more about it?”

Even though there are ministers and pastors in those areas, not all of them have the courage and the boldness to gather these families and communities and to speak the word of God directly to their hearts. We want every person to be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

The seed of God is being planted in these kids and these kids will grow and have faith that there is a Savior and that somehow people visited their communities and introduced Jesus to them.

Sady 1

What are your hopes for the people in Honduras whose lives are touched by SonLight Power?

I hope that future generations impacted by SonLight Power will have the opportunity to lead their communities and to be able to see other places. I hope that the people in these communities have the opportunity to study beyond what their communities can offer. To come to big cities like Tegucigalpa and dream about better education.

I hope that the seeds of God we planted in these people will help them grow and learn new skills and then go back to their communities to promote growth and change.

I have witnessed personally people have the opportunity to study in university and I have seen how this has transformed their lives. I have faith and conviction that there are many lives that have been impacted by SonLight Power around this country.

I know there are kids who have seen beyond the horizon and left the community to pursue new things for their lives. The impact that SonLight Power has made in these communities is amazing. We have seen kids go back home with hope and the desire to one day be like those of us who have served on these missions. That is hope for these communities.

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What would you tell someone who may be considering traveling from the U.S. to Honduras on a SonLight Power trip or thinking about sponsoring a SonLight Power project financially? What kind of impact could they make in Honduras?

If you are considering joining one of our missions, I want you to know there are many communities here that are waiting for you. Stop overthinking and take action. Make a plan to come visit Honduras.

If you don’t have the time to come visit our country, you can invest in our solar missions. There are people in great need. You will be surprised by the number of people you will be impacting. With your investment in SonLight Power, you will be able to plant a seed in a kid who may decide to further their education and go to college. You contribute to the development of an entire community.

Through a solar system in these communities, you will be able to bring together families. Every investment in this mission is a child that moves forward in life. It’s a community that has a greater chance at development.

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Want to learn more about SonLight Power’s mission in Honduras and how you can help? Connect with us at Info@SonLightPower.org 

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