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My name is Sutton MacGregor and I am called by God through the grace of His Son Jesus Christ to help take the physical light from electricty through solar power to the world. I am also specifically called to preach and teach what the "Light of the Gospel" can do in anyone's life. I am a minister of the Gospel in every sense of the word. I enjoy sharing my life with others and I enjoy sharing God's love through physical or spiritual labor so in order that God will receive the Glory He deserves!

I pray that the power of God will continue to change your heart, soul, and mind. I also pray that your life will be richly blessed by your giving to this wonderful ministry. God is love and we are to be His messengers by being children of the light! Ephesians 5:8

Jesus is the light of the world! Be blessed!
Sutton MacGregor

If you are new to SonLight Power, please read the quick summary below of what it is we do:
SonLight Power makes an immediate and lasting impact for the poorest people in Central and South America as well as Africa. Most live in areas with no supply of affordable electricity which hinders the quality of their medical care, obstructs education for their children and simply makes everyday life even more challenging.

Using solar panel technology and volunteer work teams, SonLight Power connects orphanages, medical clinics, schools and churches to a 30 year supply of electricity. This sustainable power source releases children who work in the fields during the day to get an education in the evening after dark. It provides refrigeration to store medications at clinics in remote locations. SonLight Power systems power lighting so the orphanage cook can prepare breakfast for 100 children before sunrise or simply run a fan to create a refreshing breeze on a 110 degree day.

We have found that people who live off the electrical grid are not only poor monetarily, but are also poor in spirit. They have lost hope in their fellow man . . . and lost hope in God. These are some of the most spiritually dark places in the world. The work teams from SonLight Power bring them hope. Our presence in traveling to their location is a physical reminder that God loves them. The installation of the solar panel system gives SonLight Power team members the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus's love as the reason that we are there.

SonLight Power's efforts are coordinated through established contacts inside each country that are already working with the local church. Our efforts bring the church valuable credibility with their community and enhance their opportunity to share the Good News.

SonLight Power delivers immediate, impactful and lasting change to the darkest places in Central and South America and Africa. It is our privilege to "take Light into darkness."


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