October 30, 2017 / End of Year 2017 / Source: Kevin Sasson

Haiti 2017 smile (Izaac Rains)

Dear Friends,

You should have seen Joliette’s tiny face when the lights went on.

At first, she was amazed—filled with wonder at how the darkness in the room suddenly disappeared.  Then came the smile—almost as bright as those new solar-powered lights!  And, finally, sheer delight as she and the other kids felt the ceiling fans’ cool breeze.

Take a minute and let it sink in.  Think how your support for SonLight Power has changed everything for the dozens of kids living at this Haitian orphanage, paving the way for new opportunities and new futures through the simple gift of clean, sustainable power!

And that’s not all.  Today I want to thank you for your support, which has impacted more than 250,000 lives through 190+ projects in 17 countries!  In fact, just this past year…

  • Year End 2017_HaitiYou lit darkened school rooms for hundreds of children in Honduras
  • You tamed sweltering heat for patients and caregivers in Haiti
  • You preserved food and life-saving medicines for a children's home in Tanzania
  • You made it possible for school children to use computers in the Dominican Republic
  • You even helped a church community reduce the burden of its electric bill in Appalachia - right here in the USA!

Energy poverty impacts the lives of 1.4 billion people globally, depriving so many of health, safety, security, and the chance to achieve their God-given potential.  But, with your help, we’re changing all that—one community at a time!

Faith-filled people like you power our work.  Your gifts bring the hope and opportunity of clean, sustainable power to people here, close to home, and around the globe.

As year’s end draws near, your help is vital.  Please, will you prayerfully consider making a one-time or monthly gift to transform more lives now?

Your investment pays for solar panels and equipment that our teams install on schools, churches, water pumping stations, children’s homes, and medical clinics.  And there’s more…

As communities receive the gift of clean, renewable energy, your support also brings them into the light of God’s lasting love!

Because of you, children like Joliette have new opportunities to use their God-given talents, thanks to the lifechanging difference clean, sustainable power makes.  It’s how you’re helping to end the cycle of poverty that has impacted generations in places like Haiti.

And, with your help, we’re working to multiply SonLight Power’s impact by inspiring and training young Haitians—like François Vibert, now a Fulbright Scholar studying for a degree in renewable energy at the University of Dayton.

When François was a boy, he had to walk miles to find light to study by after sunset.  But today, he’s working at SonLight Power, learning skills he can use to return home and improve the quality of life in Haiti through solar energy!

I know François is part of God’s plan to create a better, brighter world!  And today, you can be part of that plan with your year-end gift.  Just imagine…

  • $50 a month provides sustained support to share God's love through solar power
  • $100 provides needed tools to apprentice Haitians in solar power
  • $500 provides two solar panels to brighten classrooms for kids like Joliette
  • $1000 or more will help establish a solar training center to foster jobs, careers, financial independence and dignity for aspiring young women and men

Year End 2017 Francois VibertOn behalf of all those who have been deeply touched by your generosity, thank you for your gifts, your prayers, your encouragement.  Because of you, it’s possible to deliver the promise of the SonLight Power mission: to use clean, sustainable solar power to share God’s love with thousands of children and their families living without basic electricity.  So, please, …

Let Your Light Shine.

Give as generously as you can today.  Your support helps to brighten lives all over the globe and provide children like Joliette with a more promising future, in Jesus’ name.

With a grateful heart,

 Year End 2017 Kevins signature 2

Kevin Sasson
Executive Director

P.S.  We have all seen the recent news of extreme hardship in Puerto Rico.  As the rebuilding there is now beginning, your generous support can make a SonLight Power mission trip currently being planned a reality!

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