March 21, 2018 / A Personal Letter from François Vibert / Source: François Vibert

Friends of SonLight Power,

New Year Appeal_Francois in Haiti 1How can I even say how grateful I am to you?  What a wonderful, miraculous journey you are making possible for me!

As a boy in Haiti, there was no light after the sun went down.  Hungry to learn and study, I often walked miles to find a light to read by at night.  Can you even imagine such a thing?

Eventually, after much determination, my prayers and dreams were answered.  I was accepted as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Dayton, where I went to study renewable energy.  I hoped I could use this education to make life better in Haiti…but exactly how?

That question was answered when I met a group on campus called  SonLight Power!  They showed me the life-changing impact of clean solar energy and offered me an internship so I could learn alongside them while working on solar installations—from a church in Campton, Kentucky to remote schools in Haiti.

This experience opened up so many possibilities—giving me technical expertise and showing me the miracles that are possible when we let God’s light shine!

Now I am so excited to go home and make life better for that little girl or boy like me, who wants to learn and dream big dreams but faces so many obstacles.

New Year Appeal_Francois Haiti 4

Thank you for this opportunity.  Please believe me when I tell you the difference your gift has made for me, and for so many others in places around the world!  Your gift to SonLight Power keeps working far, far into the future.

So, with all my heart, I hope you will continue to…

Let Your Light Shine! 

Thank you,

 New Year Appeal 2018 Francois signature

 François Vibert

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